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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fingerprint charms made out of?
Our fingerprint jewellery is made out of fine 99.9% silver, which is more pure then Sterling Silver. Sterling Silver contains a mixture of alloys & metals making it 9.25 % silver.

How old does my baby/child have to be before I can have their impressions taken?
Fingerprints do not change as you age, only the size of the print gets larger. With that being said, any age is perfect!

How is my piece Unique?
The impression that your love one makes will be unique as they are. Every impression is different, individual and one of a kind. Every 4Ever Expressions is customized to your personal style and hand made for you.

How do I care for my jewellery?
A polishing cloth is best suited for cleaning your jewellery. Clothes can be purchased with your charm for an additional $4.00 each. All sterling silver will tarnish, however the best way to prevent tarnishing is to wear your piece. Keep hair spray, creams and perfumes away from your jewellery. Download Our Product Care PDF

Can I return my Fingerprint Jewellery?
Each fingerprint charm is custom and hand made specifically for you. It is individualized by your loved one, no two are alike, therefore can not be refunded.

Does my jewellery come with a warranty?
Yes. 4Ever Expressions offers a one year warranty on all manufacturer defects.